Sandstone and Limestones


Itīs a sedimentary stone, variable color, grain (thickness, médium or fine) and constituted, mainly, by quartz, feldspar, gypsum or coral.

Their variable color depending of its internal composition that it varies from white, in the case of sandstone with pure quartz to black in the case of ferro-magnesian, and existing a wide range of intermediate colors.

Although itīs a material with certain permeability, due to his porosity, their durability and fire resistance make that it is a stone very used in outer facades, decoration and interior design.


Itīs a sedimentary stone composed, mainly, by calcium carbonate (calcite). Their low abrasivity, so they are easy to cut, their high resistance to the weathering, their wide range of colors and textures and their resistance to bending, compression, anchorage and impacts make it one of the most used materials for outer cladding.

Gives a warm and natural character to the spaces in which one installed and offer great aesthetic possibilities in combination with other materials such as wood or brick.

yellow fossil
Y. fossil
capri limestone
Capri L.
niwala cream
Niwala C.
rose lumaquela
Niwala Yelow a Ley
N.Y. Ley
Niwala Yelow Contra Ley
oasis blue
Oasis B.