Igneous stone composed essentially of quartz, feldspar and mica. Its formation is due to the slow solidification and very high pressure of magma with high in silica.

A characteristic that it defines to this material is that it is formed by different mineral grains, each one with a color different. Being the distribution from the same those that determine the general aspect of the stone.

Itīs technical qualities (high hardness and high resistance to abrasion) make it a very suitable material for many applications in construction and decoration. Like the marble has a great chromatic variety and textures (natural cut, flamed, polished ...).

Wild yellow
Wild y.
Vizag blue
Vizag b.
Platinum blue
Platinum b.
Cristal white
Cristal w.
Miņo white
Miņo w.
Pearl white
Pearl w.
Brown greenish
Brown g.
Julia cream
Julia c.
Mondariz grey
Mondariz g.
Bright Labrador
L. Bright
Dark Labrador
L. Dark
Red multicolored
Red m.
Salmon multicolored
Salmon m.
South african black
South afr.
Zimbabwe black
Zimbabwe b.
Balmoral red
Balmoral r.
Cardinal red
Cardinal r.
Porriņo rose
Porriņo R.
Santa Barbara
Silver White
S. White
Coto green
Coto green
Green savannah
G. Sabana